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How to buy bargains at property auctions

Here are some top tips and advice to securing a potentially below-market property acquisition at auction. read more >>

Setting the stage: Decluttering to sell your home

There are various things to consider even after you’ve received the keys to your new property. read more >>

What can the average UK house price buy you around the world?

If you are a UK homeowner your international property purchase choices are endless, so why not consider some of the options available to you? read more >>

A first-time property buyer’s guide

Here’s a step-by-step guide to acquiring your first home, while we also unveil some of the best mortgage deals currently available. read more >>

London property rental map

Find out how much rents cost in London. read more >>

Checklist: What to sort before showing a property

For those of you looking to sell your property, here’s a guide to the sort of things that you need to consider before putting your home on the market. read more >>

What will the average house price buy you around the UK?

The latest ONS statistics show that UK home prices rose again in October, but what do the figures mean for you? read more >>

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