Get Summer Ready: 10 Things to Do in the Garden Before August

Looking for things to do now the weather is warming up? Explore these ten best things to do in the garden before August to get your outdoor space summer-ready!

1.         Sow grass seed

a person sowing grass on a lawn

Get the lawn lusciously green in time for your summer BBQs by sowing new grass seed now. Between March-May and September-October are the best times of year to sow new grass seed. Remove any weeds with a small hand trowel, sow the grass seed in the space and lightly cover it with fresh soil. Take care not to walk on the new seed for 2-4 weeks after planting.

2.         De-weed flowerbeds

The earlier you de-weed your flowerbeds, the better. Once spring has passed and summer has arrived, you’ll need to de-weed more frequently to keep on top of the new growth. Removing the unwanted growth early before the weather warms prevents the spread, leaving your garden almost weed-free come August.

3.         Prune shrubs

Pruning in August when the weather is warm seems like a nice task, but it isn’t good for the growth of your plants. Cutting back your lavender, heathers, hedges, and rose bushes is best done in mid to late spring. Pruning early in the year boosts the flowers on your shrubs and extends the life of the greenery throughout summer.

4.         Jet wash patios

a butterfly resting on fallen leaves on a lawn

Mud, leaves, moss and bird droppings build up on the patio during winter. Sweeping and jet washing the patio before summer spruces up the garden. Just remember that the later you leave it to sweep and jet wash, the better it is for your garden.

As many as 25 species of insects make a home in fallen leaves during the cooler months, including spiders, caterpillars, moths and butterflies. If you can tolerate the leaves and mud until late spring, you’ll help these local insects survive until summer.

5.         Check hose pipes for leaks

Some hose pipes have anti-freeze designs, but not all. A combination of water buildup and freezing temperatures can cause cracks in the internal lining of a hose. Check for leaks before summer starts to ensure you have a working hose in time for paddling pool season.

6.         Repaint decking and fencing

Spruce up the aesthetic of your garden with a new coat of paint or sealant for your decking and fences. Keeping the woodwork painted in your garden prolongs its lifespan. It also makes your garden more attractive to buyers when it comes to selling in the future. Painted woodwork looks fresher, newer and in better condition.

7.         Clean the BBQ

Get the BBQ clean and ready to use as soon as the warm weather hits. Remove the cover and deep clean everything, including the racks. Check how much gas is left and beat the rush to buy a replacement bottle when BBQ season begins.

8.         Plant new bulbs

a UK garden with blooming flowers

Spring is always the best time to sell a house in the UK. It also happens to be the month when flowers bloom in the garden, making it look its absolute best. Planting new bulbs in your garden before summer means that next year (and every year after), your garden will bloom with vibrant colours and fresh scents.

9.         Organise shed

Before it gets too hot to work in the garden, use the warmer spring months to organise the shed, clear out the clutter and make it easy to find your garden tools come summer.

10.   Install a water butt

a water butt in a garden next to a flower bed

Save on water bills and cut down your consumption this summer by installing a water butt in spring. Installing drain pipes on your shed or connecting a water butt to the side of your house can save the average UK household as much as 24,000 litres of water per year, according to Save Water Save Money.


Getting your garden ready for summer brings fun and relaxation to your outdoor space. But that’s not the only reason to invest in your garden this year. Research shows that a tidy garden adds as much as 20% to the value of a property. Plus, over 70% of buyers say they’d pay more for a property with a nice outdoor space compared to one without.

Are you considering selling up this summer? Get an instant online valuation on your property today or book a valuation with one of our local experts to see what it’s worth.