How do gardens add value to your house price?

The average Brit spends 86 minutes a week gardening but it’s time well spent as research suggests that a neat and tidy bit of outdoor space could add as much as 20% to the value of your home.

But if you’re worried that your garden isn’t quite up to Chelsea Flower Show standards – then don’t. Research suggests that simple, easy to maintain gardens help sell a home quicker compared to those with exotic blooms and elaborate landscaping.

Regional roses

Even very small gardens are a bonus and if you live in London – the extra value to your home can soar into the thousands. According to estate agent Foxtons, 62% of their clients say a garden is important to them, while 72% say they would pay more for a property with outdoor space. In some areas, a garden could mean buyers pay a premium of up to £50,000

Figures released by insurance specialists, AXA, confirm the importance of a well-kept garden, but show a more modest increase in property values. Their research reveals that while the average UK household spent £473 in a year on their gardens, the potential return was more than four times that at £1,954.

AXA’s data also highlighted some regional differences with lucky East Anglian gardeners getting the most return – spending £511 in the year to 2017 while increasing the perceived value of their home by £2,306.  In comparison, Yorkshire and the Humber’s green-fingered residents spent £507 on garden maintenance resulting in a rise of perceived value of just £1,131.

Bonus features

If you’ve got the advantage of a garden that’s a bit of blank canvas then it’s worth thinking carefully about what you add to it. Website Sellhousefast.UK found that 82% of estate agents and property experts agreed that a decent sized shed would add the most value to a property. Good quality paving was the next best thing followed by secure fencing, walls or gates.

Outdoor quick wins

While sheds, paving slabs and fences don’t sound very exciting it does make clear that potential house buyers are far more interested in storage, practicalities and security – which is good news if you’re no budding Alan Titchmarsh.

So, if your garden’s less blooming marvellous and more blooming full of weeds then here are some quick wins to boost buyer appeal (without breaking the bank):

  1. Cut the grass – simple but effective, just like a good haircut, a freshly cut lawn can do wonders for appearances, visit B&Q for a selection of lawn mowers at various prices.
  2. Weed flower beds – even if you don’t plant anything, at least beds will look tidy and ready to go for new buyers.
  3. Think security – if you’ve got a shed, make sure it locks and that windows are intact. Patch up tired fences and make sure gates are secured – if you’ve got the cash for a quick spruce up then it’s worth the investment.
  4. Add plants in pots – if you’re thinking about moving and don’t want to spend money on shrubs and flowers you’ll leave behind, invest in pretty pots and perennials that you can take with you.
  5. Add a table and chairs – part of selling your home, is selling a lifestyle and you don’t need a massive garden and pricey furniture to enjoy the outside. A simple table and a few chairs are all that you need – Argos have a good selection starting from just £39.99*.

If you’re prepared to spend more then take a look at some of our inspirational garden ideas including tips on transforming it into an outdoor living room, patio ideas and how to create the perfect outdoor retreat.