Summer Holiday Sales: Best or Worst Time to Sell?

Is the summer slump a genuine concern for sellers or simply a myth? Let’s find out.

a family with kids moving house and loading up a car

Homeowners avoid summer like the plague when selling a property, but while the market may be quieter, there are benefits to listing your property in time for the summer’s end. Discover how and why a summer sale might be the right move for you.

Should I Sell My House in the Summer Holidays?

Late winter to early spring is well-known as the best time of year to sell a house, between February and June. Selling a house in Autumn is another great time to sell when the market is busy and thriving. Summer, namely the summer holidays, isn’t a bad time to sell. The market is simply quieter, with fewer people choosing to list their properties and potentially fewer buyers actively browsing the market.

Yet the key message is always that the best time to sell is when it’s best for you. If July and August are the only months you have time to sell, or if you want to move as quickly as possible, a property will still sell during the summer holidays.

While the market is generally quieter in summer, wider economic changes can impact sales for the better, regardless of the season. For example, a general election or a change in mortgage rates can inject new energy into the market at any time of year.

Consider getting an instant online property valuation or booking an estate agent valuation to talk things through and establish the best time for you.

Why Sell in the Summer?

There are benefits to selling a house in the summer holidays, like how the spotlight will be on your property over any others. But most importantly, starting the process by booking a valuation and getting your property listed in summer gets you ahead of the curve. Unlike other sellers who wait until autumn, your property is already on the market in time for buyers who, most likely, will be restarting their search in late August and early September.

Do Houses Sell in July and August?

Houses sell any time of year and during any month, but the market does slow down in summer, usually because it’s the holiday season. Zoopla pins the average time for a listed property to sell at 38 days as of May 2024. In April, the estimate was only 29 days, which isn’t too different at all. So a property listed in July and August will still sell, you may just have to wait slightly longer to find the right buyer.

How to Sell a House in Summer: Top Tips

To ensure your house sells quickly and for the best price in summer, make sure to:

1.  Get an accurate valuation

What impacts sale times the most is whether your property is listed with a reasonable sale price. Some estate agents list properties higher and drop them later, but this comes with its risks. You can lose key buyers in the early stages and end up with a property on the market for longer than it needs to be. The ideal strategy is to get a valuation that’s right for the market first time.

2.  Spruce up the garden

Appeal to the interests of summer buyers by sprucing up the garden. A tidy garden adds as much as 20% to the value of a property, figures find, with 70% of buyers willing to pay more for a home with a nice outdoor space. There’s no need to spend a fortune. Simply clean things up so the garden looks as attractive as possible.

3.  Stage the home for summer

a bright and airy bedroom with large windows and hardwood floors

Buyers prefer homes with an abundance of natural light, and summer is the best time to showcase how bright and airy your home is. Make sure you capitalise on everything your home has to offer for the listing photos and viewings. For example, open blinds and curtains, declutter window ledges, open patio doors, keep temperatures cool, and consider displaying fresh flowers.


Homeowners tend to avoid booking estate agent valuations in the summer holidays, but when you’re ready to sell, summer is the best time to start the process. Markets may be quieter, but starting early gets you ahead of the curve!

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