Staying Home This Summer? 6 Ways to Have a Holiday at Home

Make staying home for summer fun with a holiday at home. Here’s how.

a family camping and playing games in the garden

1. Eat out every night

When you’re staying at home, do it in style! Choose a weekend and pick a handful of restaurants to eat at for breakfast, lunch, dinner – or all three! – for every day. It’ll cost money, but you can set a budget and keep costs lower than a trip abroad. Plus, it’ll give you a break from cooking and a chance to explore everything your local area has to offer!

2. Explore new greenspaces

See what natural beauties lie nearby this summer! Get outdoors and explore all the local parks, beaches, forests, and footpaths near you. Pitch up for the day with a picnic blanket and some food, or get your walking shoes on to explore! When you have a couple of days off work and the weather’s nice, consider finding a new greenspace or country walk to embark on every day.

3. Have fun in the garden

a father and son playing water sports in the garden

Make the garden as fun or relaxing as possible this summer! Get a paddling pool, buy a couple of sunloungers, or create some fun garden activities so you can spend your days out in the garden. Try to find a mix of activities you can do when the weather’s warm and when it isn’t, especially if you have kids.

Water sports are great for when the sun is shining and ballgames are perfect for cloudy days. When it’s pouring with rain, even games like bug hunting, treasure hunts and paddle splashing can be great fun!

If gardening is your idea of a good weekend, get your shovels out and get going. Create a vegetable patch for the kids to enjoy or simply spruce up the garden by repainting fences and jet-washing patios.

4. Create an itinerary

On holiday, there’s always something to do, from visiting the beach to exploring somewhere new. When you’re staying home this summer, pick a weekend or a week, book time off work and design an itinerary for each day. Set your budget and find an activity for every day, just like you would on holiday. Depending on your budget, choose a mix of free activities vs more expensive days out.

5. Camp outdoors

Camping trips can cost a little, but offer a lot! Simply booking a pitch or caravan somewhere new can feel like a holiday abroad for a fraction of the price. But an even cheaper idea is to simply camp out in the garden! It’s a great option for kids to do with their friends, giving parents a night to themselves indoors, or as a family, with board games and an abundance of family time.

6. Go off the grid

Staycations don’t have to be about filling every moment! Another way to have a holiday at home is to simply go off-grid for a couple of days. Book time off work, delete your social media apps, tell family and friends you’re going offline, and spend some quality time with just yourself or your family.

Fill your days with all the things you enjoy, like reading, playing card games, watching movies, or going out for walks. Or tick off some things on your to-do list (like home renovations or even getting an estate agent round!).


Staying home for the summer doesn’t have to feel like every other day. With time off work, your home is your oyster! You can explore the area, do all the things you enjoy, or simply get things done around the house.

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