How to properly value your property before moving

There are many steps which need to be taken in advance of a home sale. One of the most important is obtaining an accurate notion of the current value of your existing home. You will therefore be able to appreciate future levels of liquidity as well as how much you may be able to spend on a new property. Obtaining a house valuation is an important step and as always, the professionals at Property Price Advice are here to help. Let’s take a look at some of the utilities and tools which are at your disposal when working together with our team.

Obtaining a Real-Time Online House Valuation

How much is your home currently worth? This is the primary question which will be answered by our proprietary valuation tool. After you provide us with some basic details (such as the type of home you own, its location, the number of bedrooms, and a valid email address), you will be supplied with a figure that is within 15 per cent of the current market values within your area thanks to our proprietary algorithm. This valuation utility is the first of its kind and you can obtain a greater degree of fiscal clarity within a matter of minutes.

How Much Can You Afford to Spend?

While this question is altogether obvious, its impact upon the future purchasing process cannot be overstated. As opposed to remaining somewhat in the dark in regards to your financial capabilities, why not instead leverage the power of our online budget calculator?

This tool will supply you with actionable information if you are uncertain how much you can afford to invest in a new home. Furthermore, this calculator provides you with two additional metrics which are just as crucial to appreciate:

  • The amount that you are likely allowed to borrow in order to secure a mortgage.
  • The inclusion of this figure to your potential deposit in order to accurately determine your overall budgetary limitations.

We firmly believe that clarity is critical when determining how much you can afford to spend. After all, any new home purchase represents one of the most important investments of your life. This is why our budget calculator has been designed with a user-friendly edge in mind. Be sure to check out this unique utility in order to learn more about your current possibilities.

Other Properties Within Your Area

“How can I value my house if I do not know the prices associated with similar properties?” This is an extremely logical question. Not only will these figures determine your asking price, but they can also influence how much a potential buyer is willing to pay. The good news is that it is now simple to uncover what similar houses within your area have sold for in the recent past. As we use the most up-to-date information provided by the Land Registry, you can remain confident that the listed prices are in accordance with the latest figures. Feel free to provide some basic information to discover the local prices in your area in order to appreciate the “big picture” before actively listing your home on the market.

When Professional Advice Counts

There is no doubt that all of the tools provided through Property Price Advice will come in handy. However, it is also likely that you have additional questions and concerns. We fully understand that all financial issues should be addressed well in advance. This is why Property Price Advice has partnered with Shop Around Finance in order to offer even more insight.