Give Your Home a Wellness Makeover with These 7 DIY Projects

Boost your property’s interiors and own mental health space with these home improvement projects. 

The links between art, aesthetics, the built environment, health and wellbeing are well-established. However, applying all of this to our home environment is a trend that first kicked off when the pandemic hit and we were all looking to boost our mental health while cooped up at home. Depending on the function of our homes, creating surroundings that stimulate our senses positively or improve relaxation or productivity are central to supporting us.  

To boost the wellness of your property (and own mental health), here are some ways to get started.  


It’s true what they say – that a cluttered environment can be overwhelming for our brains. Shoes piled up at the bottom of the stairs, the kitchen counter cluttered with no room for anything else – these things have an impact on our mood and sleep. Having a messy environment isn’t conducive to chilling out or relaxing. It plays on your mind without you even realising it.  

Decluttering is an easy task to add to your list of things to do this weekend – it’s also free! 

Create zones  

With working from home as the new norm, it’s more important than ever to separate working spaces and relaxation spaces. Ideally, at the end of the working day, you can close the door to the office and switch off. If this isn’t possible you may need to create zones in your office – from getting creative with large plants or furniture to break up the space. You could even use a large sofa or a tall bookcase as a divider. It’s an affordable and easy way to create zones that allow you to “work” and “live” in one space. 

Switching off at the end of a workday is important for us all, whether you work from home or not. Zones can be dedicated to ‘eat’, ‘play’ and ‘rest’, so that your dining area, sleeping area and relaxing areas are all separate, so you can strike a better balance. 

Find the right light 

You want your home to be a place you feel comfortable spending time in. Lighting plays a large role in this. If you can, avoid using harsh downlighting and, instead, opt for multiple light sources, dimmed down or diffused lighting to create gentle pools of warm light throughout.  

From low hanging pendant lights to side lamps and candles, find the right lighting that works for your ambience.  

Cut down on chemicals 

We thrive best when a home is natural, clean and safe. Aim to reduce and eventually eliminate the use of harsh chemical detergents and cleaning materials that are bad for the environment and your health. These days, there are many gentle alternatives that are kinder to your skin, general health and planet.  

What’s more, always choose candles and wax melts that are made from soy wax rather than paraffin-based alternatives as they are much better to breathe in when you light them throughout the home.  

Go green in the kitchen by using old lemon peel to wipe down surfaces, mixing essential oils to create room sprays and switching to microfibre cloths that are washable and cut down on kitchen roll waste. There are many ways to reduce wastage and chemicals – it’s your chance to be creative! 

Opt for seasonal shades and textures 

Colour has the power to transform a room and create different moods, especially with our headspace. So, it’s crucial to choose the right shades to help you feel comfortable and relaxed at home. While no one wants to paint their home seasonally, you can choose a neutral colour for the walls and then inject seasonal textures and accessories as you transition throughout the year.  

In winter, keep things warm and cosy with thick materials and organic colours. Spring is a wonderful time to enjoy the lighter materials with jazzy colours. Keep in mind that, as a guide, warm colours (red, orange and yellow) tend to stimulate the mind and body, while cool tones of blue and green are restful and soothing. What will be your flavour? 

Select hard-wearing furniture 

In addition to zoning, the furniture that we choose in our home tells us how to behave. If you feel you need to escape, creating a chill out zone or meditation space is a great way to get away from it all. Here, soft furnishings are key. Try to sit low to the floor, but be sure to layer up on extra cushions and blankets for comfort. A thick pile rug also helps to create a relaxing environment while absorbing excess noise.  

While your workspace may be all hard lines and ergonomic chairs, be sure you have a soft space to relax into once you’re done for the day.  

Give your home (and mind) a bit of TLC  

These home improvement projects will help boost your home’s wellness, as well as your own. When you’re thinking of selling your property to find the right perfect wellness spot, be sure to book a house valuation with a trusted estate agent in your area.