Double glazing saves money

Safestyle UK has set the benchmark in the double glazing industry with their new Eco Diamond Window, which is Energy Saving Recommended as standard!

Energy Saving Recommended is an initiative brought to you by the Energy Saving Trust and backed by the Government. If you see the Energy Saving Recommended logo you can be sure as a customer that the product or service you are buying is particularly energy efficient.

How will it save you money?

Safestyle UK’s Eco Diamond Window has a little secret between the panes… The air that normally sits in between the glass is replaced with Argon gas which is clear. Argon gas stops the heat getting out, and the cold air getting in. Less heat being lost means that your energy bills will get smaller! Argon is naturally present in the air we breathe (0.9%), and is a safe, odourless, inert and non-toxic gas.

It is not just the Argon filled glass that helps save you money and reduce your energy bills:

  • The window frame structure itself contains thermal inserts to further prevent heat loss.
  • The ultra-clear glass will let in more free heat from the sun (“solar gain”), so your new windows will actually help to heat up your home.
  • The energy saving Super Spacer (between the panes of glass) also stops heat escaping.

The Eco Diamond Windows could save you enough energy to:

  • Run 9 TVs for a year.
  • Drive over 1000km in an average car.
  • Make 34,000 cups of tea and coffee.