15 ways to keep your kitchen clutter free

It is universally acknowledged that there is no such thing as enough kitchen space. The truth is, that no matter how big your kitchen is, you’ll invariably find yourself frustrated at the lack of space. We’ve gathered together some handy DIY kitchen tips to make the most of your kitchen space – no matter how large or small.

Make your doors work for you

The inside of your cabinet doors are a heavily underutilised resource. A few cleverly placed hooks are an ideal place to hang dish towels, kitchen utensils (to free up some of the drawer space) or, using a towel rod, a handy place to store pot lids.

Take your shelving to the next level

Shelf space is usually in short supply, but some simple kitchen DIY projects can make the most of any space available. For instance, if you have space above your cabinets, add a shelf or two (depending on the height of the space available) or even add a few curved shelves to the sides of your existing cabinetry.

Tame your utensil drawer

Adding some diagonal spacers to your utensil drawer is an easy DIY kitchen project anyone can tackle, and will go a long way to helping you find what you’re looking for when you need it most.

Hanging utensils

Adding a few hooks on the side of your kitchen cabinets will help you free up some valuable drawer space, especially handy for hanging those long-handled utensils that simply don’t lend themselves to being kept in a drawer.

Get full use of tricky corner cabinets with a Lazy Susan or two

We’ve all got that tricky corner cupboard that is roomy and spacious but just so hard to get in and out of. Adding a Lazy Susan can go a long way to help you maximize this space, and find what you’re looking for with ease.

Magnetic spice rack

Here’s a DIY kitchen project that will take very little time to complete, but will surely open up some valuable space in your kitchen. Take some small jars (preferably matching ones – it just looks nicer), and glue a small magnet to the top of each jar. You can opt to glue a magnetic strip to the bottom of eye-level cabinets, or simply use the side of your fridge as your magnetic spice rack. Simple, and effective!

Pot and Tupperware lid organizer

We all know the struggle of finding the right lid for that plastic container or pot. Using a simple dish rack with slats for the dishes, you can stand your lids upright, saving you space and frustration!

Alternatively, you can insert a towel rail to the inside of your cabinet door to stash away pot lids.

Organise the broom cupboard

Organise your broom cupboard with a few simple kitchen DIY projects. Add hooks to the interior of your cupboard to hang mops and brooms and dustpans, keeping them off the floor. Placing a plastic hanging shoe rack on the inside of the door is a great place to neatly stash your cleaning products for ease of use. Neatly store spray bottles, by inserting a short tension rod across the centre of the cupboard.

Pegboard storage

Pegboards are a fantastic addition to any kitchen. Items such as colanders, utensils, and other kitchen gadgetry can be easily hung up and stored out of the way without too much hassle.

Conversion problems, solved!

Creating a quick and easy conversion chart in your kitchen is as simple as using the inside of one of your cabinets and painting a neat and easily accessible conversion chart on the cupboard door. Take this simple DIY kitchen craft to the next level, by adding a few hooks and hanging your measuring cups and spoons next to your nifty chart. Presto!

Packing your pantry

A pantry can very quickly become untidy and entirely not user-friendly. Simplify your life and save loads of space by purchasing matching plastic containers and transferring your groceries from the original packaging into a neatly labeled container.

Matching containers will not only keep your pantry organized but will appear instantly more organized. Take your organizing one step further and label your containers to make it even easier to fin what you’re looking for. The Internet is full of free printable labels in a range of styles and colours to help you organize with style.

Roll-out pantry

If your fridge doesn’t quite fill up the recess in your cabinets, make the most of the unused space by creating your own custom-made roll-out pantry. It’s a fairly simple DIY Kitchen project, that’s guaranteed to free up space in your cupboards while also ensuring you’ve got all your ingredients within easy reach.

Make those fake, non-opening cupboards work for you

If you’ve got decorative, fake cupboards that don’t actually open, usually above and below your existing cabinets, get your DIY hat on!

The areas beneath cabinets can be opened up to create simple storage for trays, baking sheets, and chopping boards. Similarly, if you’re a little short on counter space, the faux drawers beneath your counter top can be converted into extendible chopping boards that very simply slide right back in when you don’t need them.

Magnetic knife rack

A knife block is a handy way to keep your knives within reach while you’re cooking. It also takes up valuable counter space. This simple kitchen DIY project will free up some space while still ensuring your knives are within reach when you need them.

Attach a magnetic knife strip to the wall near your food preparation area. Depending on your kitchen and your needs, you could opt to have the strip running horizontally underneath your cabinets, or even vertically.

Repurposed magazine holder

Create additional storage on the inside of your cabinet doors by attaching an unused magazine holder. This is a great place to store napkins, foil, plastic wrap and Ziploc bags, and freeing up some drawer space at the same time.