Budget brands devalue property prices

Fresh research looks at the effects that brands on your high street have on the price of a property.

Having a Waitrose within walking distance is not just convenient – it generally also means that your property is worth more. But what impact do budget stores have on local house prices?

A new study on the impact that brands on your high street have on the price of a property has revealed some shocking findings to say the least.

Analysed data from the Land Registry, along with primary research on 27 towns in Hertfordshire, reveal that living in close proximity to a high concentration of ‘value’ brands can decrease the average house price by a significant amount.

The research found that living near a McDonalds, for instance, could decrease the price of a home by up to 24%, with property values adversely affected by the smell from the fast food restaurant, late night openings and boozy customers.

In contrast, premium restaurant brands such as Carluccios and Prezzo typically have a positive impact on local property prices, adding up to 42% to nearby homes.

PPA opinion:

The study illustrates the fact that something like local shops could have a major impact on property values, which is why all aspects of a property and location should be taken into consideration when attempting to value property accurately. To find out how much your home is really worth, check out our free easy to use online property valuation tool by clicking here.