Is It Time to Sell? 8 Signs You’re Ready to Move House

Is it time to move or time to stay? Discover what’s right for you.

woman scrolling on phone while sitting on a sofa at home

Are you ready to move house? Moving is a huge decision and many homeowners wonder when it’s the right time to sell or if they’re better off putting it off! Explore the common signs you’re ready to move.

1. You need more space

Needing more space is one of the most popular reasons to sell up and move on. When you have more children than bedrooms, or if your living spaces are no longer fit for purpose, it might be time to move. More bedrooms, larger bedrooms, or just more space in the kitchen can make a big difference to your life.

2. You need less space

Too little space may be a problem, but too much can be just as problematic! Living in a larger house may work at some points in your life, but when circumstances change, it may be time to downsize. When you have more bedrooms than you need, or if home maintenance is becoming too much, a place with less space might improve homelife in more ways than one.

3. You’re running out of storage

modern fitted storage space under the stairs

Have you always wanted a home with a garage? Or a loft? Do you only have one airing cupboard in the hallway that’s full to the brim?

Storage space is always important to homebuyers. A recent study found that over 80% of Brits see storage space as an essential. Some buyers would even pay as much as £12,500 extra for a home with storage over one without. Plus, almost 30% thought storage space was more important than an extra room, like a home office!

All in all, storage space is important, and if you’re running out, you’re not alone and it’s a good reason to consider moving.

4. Your finances have changed

Finances are a common driving force behind moving. From council tax and mortgage rates to energy bills and parking charges, moving house can save you money as well as cost it. When your finances, job circumstances, or even house prices in your area change, it might be time to sell up and move somewhere new.

5. You struggle with home maintenance

a person fixing a gutter on a house roof

Everything in a property has a lifecycle, from your appliances to your flooring. Some homeowners are happy to maintain a property forever and repeat renovations as and when they’re needed. Yet for some, the maintenance becomes too much, especially in larger homes with fewer people.

When everything needs replacing, from your boiler to your roof tiles, it might be a good time to move. In a new home, your investments may be more financially worthwhile compared to replacing items in a home you’ll be moving out of soon.

6. You keep browsing properties online

Do you spend your evenings browsing property listings? Or daydreaming about living somewhere new? When scrolling property sites instead of your socials becomes your evening routine, you might really be searching for a much-needed change. Consider getting an instant online valuation to see how much your home is worth.

7. You need more from the area

Five, ten, or even 20 years ago, your area may have suited you perfectly, but circumstances change. Right now, you may need more or less from where you live. Like a home closer to the station, within walking distance of the supermarket, in a better school catchment area, near a bus stop, or with more nearby amenities, such as leisure services and green spaces.

8. You want or need a change

Sometimes, it’s simply time for a change. Whether it’s what you need or want, moving house offers you a fresh start. A new home brings a new layout, new local amenities, and, sometimes, a completely different lifestyle to what you currently have. When you’re desperate for change and can’t find it anywhere, moving home may be just what you need in your life right now.


Deciding to list your property and move house isn’t a quick decision for most homeowners. It takes weighing up your finances, understanding your property’s value, and a ton of thinking. Sometimes, an expert’s view is just what you need.

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