Transforming Unused Spaces: 5 Spare Room Ideas

One of the top ways to add value to your house and get more enjoyment from where you live is to transform a spare room into something more functional!

What’s more, so many of us have space that we know we aren’t using as well as we could, but we don’t know how we can without breaking the bank. That’s why, in this article, we’ll give you five spare room ideas that are affordable but transformative!

Let’s dive in…

1. Make a spare bedroom

The most obvious use of a spare room is to create a spare bedroom. You can make yours look great without spending a fortune by choosing a simple colour scheme and decorating functional furniture with accessories like throws, pillows and flowers.

One of the best ways to make your home feel more expensive is to experiment with texture. A faux velvet pillow will look luxurious against soft sheets, for example. 

2. Create a home office

Whether you’re looking to work from home more often or you want to create a space where you can explore side projects, an office is a great addition to your house.
When looking to convert your spare room into a home office, the main thing to consider is where it’s located. Busy areas where people frequently travel through are not the ideal rooms for quiet, focused work. However, with a few soundproofing features like acoustic panels or bookshelves to block the walls, you could still create a space where you can concentrate easily. 

For more advice on spare room office ideas, check out our useful guide

3. Turn your spare room into a utility room

If your spare bedroom is downstairs, consider turning it into a utility room. This is a particularly great idea if you’ve got a small spare room. You’ll likely get more value out of centralising laundry, storage, and equipment for household chores than squashing your guests into the space.

When creating a utility room, make sure to focus on ventilation. For example, if there’s no window, consider using a humidity-controlled extractor fan. 

4. Make an extra entertainment room

Whether you want more room to explore your hobbies or you don’t have enough space for your friends or family during parties, making your space room an extra entertaining space is a great idea.

To achieve both goals at once, opt for versatile pieces of furniture that can be folded away depending on what you’re using the space for. For example, if you’re building a room where you can enjoy arts and crafts consider investing in storage that you can hide under a table when visitors come over.

5. Turning a spare room into a dressing area

If you’re lacking cupboard space in your bedroom or you want to get ready for the day outside of the bathroom, consider creating a walk-in wardrobe or dressing room. 

This can be created pretty affordably by choosing affordable storage solutions such as secondhand bookshelves and installing hooks and hanging rails to maximise space. 

Adding value through your spare room 

So there you have it, four spare room ideas that could add serious value to your home! Want to understand exactly how much your property is worth after you’ve transformed your spare room or unused space? Get in touch for a free valuation with a local agent