Exciting Interior Design Trends for 2023

In this new year, we’re looking to trends as a way of life, not just what’s hot. 

The last few months have brought about so much change, both inside and outside of the home. As many homeowners are hesitating before jumping into selling, they’re making the most of the space they do have. What’s more, new routines and no more restrictions continue to shape our interior demands. On that note, let’s welcome 2023 with new energy – and new home interiors.

Interior design trends for 2023 are mostly aimed at creating comfortable spaces with a lot of personality. While certain trends may come and go, making bold decisions for your property can impact its value – and your profit later on down the line. Let’s take a peek at what’s to come. 

Top interior design trends for 2023 

Textured wall finishes 

A sure way to jazz up interiors is to add texture upon texture. That doesn’t just mean adding in fuzzy cushions and a soft rug; this year, we’re turning our attention to the big projects – textured walls. Lime, traditionally seen on old stone buildings, clay and hemp plasters are all making their way into contemporary-styled interiors to provide a tactile wall finish.  

If you’re not in the market to completely reskim the walls, then there are plenty of lime paints available that leave a fantastic chalky effect with depth.  

Sourcing sustainability 

With the planet and longevity in mind, sustainability elements remain in the spotlight. Sustainable interior design is now more important than ever, and brands, designers and consumers alike are united in prioritising elements that are better for the environment. 

From investment pieces that are built to last to products created through recyclable and renewable materials, sustainability is no mere trend in the world of interiors. Instead, it’s the start of an important era of thoughtful design.  

Curves and arches 

Sharp angles have been making their way out of homes for a while, starting with upholstery and moving through to surfaces and architectural details. Organic curves and fluid forms are taking centre stage. The softness of rounded furniture pieces, such as sofas, make the space feel more casual and inviting without sacrificing elegance. 

Natural materials 

Hold onto your wicker baskets. Nature and all things raw and organic are still part of the main narrative of this year. But this intrinsic connection between the outside world and humans runs so deep that it’s so much more than a trend that dips in and out of fashion. The reality is that our love for natural elements inside the home will likely never fade.  

Materials such as linen, cotton, cork and rattan are used to create an organic and calming environment in homes. These organic elements help to create a balance in our overly computer-connected lives. Sustainability is trending and will only become more important in the upcoming years. 

Statement stoneware 

Maximising the potential for a statement piece, stoneware is a trend that has been loved for centuries. Installing a marble fireplace or quartz worktop in the kitchen or bathroom or investing in sculptural stone side tables are just some ways to make the most of this trend. Stone is truly unique, and the more veining and deep contrast, the better. It’s all about maximalism – but restraining that to one centrepiece in the room. 

Modern gothic revival 

We’ve been loving the dark-hued rooms for a while, and 2023 is when it really steps into its own. Inspired by the overdramatic rich hues of the gothic revival, this trend will see charcoals, inky blues and luxurious purples creep into interior design – and take over. We expect to see more living rooms doused in these dark colours, creating an enveloping snug.  

But keep in mind it’s a blend of old and new – black painted floorboards with metallic, modern lighting fit the bill too. 

Embrace 2023’s interior design trends 

Which of the 2022 interior design trends are you most excited about? Upgrading your living spaces is a fun and creative process that can rely on the latest designs and furniture pieces. As always, consider your own personal aesthetic, house size and location before following interior design trends. 

Whether you’re looking to make improvements in your property or sell up soon, be sure to understand how much your home is worth. Book a free, no-obligation valuation from a local estate agent for an accurate figure.