Land Registry house price data for January

There were 116,700 sales of land and property in England and Wales in January, according to new property price paid data from the Land Registry.

The figures reveal that there were 85,753 freehold properties, along with 16,685 new build properties logged for registration.

In terms of property type, 30,741 of the properties put forward for registration were terraced, 29,282 were semi-detached, 25,932 detached, 22,887 flats/maisonettes, while there were also 7,953 ‘other’ property types.

In total, 25,527 sales took place across England and Wales in January, which is 21.9% of the total sales received for registration in the month.

Of all the transactions that took place last month, 499 homes were acquired for £1 million-plus, with 307 of these transactions taking place in Greater London.

The most expensive residential sale in January was a semi-detached property in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, London, for £37.72 million.

The cheapest residential sale in January was of a terraced property in Burnley, Lancashire, for £15,000.

The most expensive commercial sale taking place last month was in Greater Manchester, for just over £103 million.

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Property type January 2018 December 2017 November 2017
Detached 25,932 17,395 24,767
Semi-detached 29,282 19,216 27,093
Terraced 30,741 19,809 27,890
Flat/Maisonette 22,887 14,523 19,635
Other   7,953   5,384   7,027
Total 116,795 76,327 106,412