How much are homes located along the route of the Boat Race worth?

How much are homes located along the route of the Boat Race worth?

The annual Oxford v Cambridge Boat Race puts some of capital’s loveliest properties in the spotlight, but how much are they worth?

From taking a stroll and enjoying history to eating out and taking in the stunning views, few would deny that when spring arrives there are not many better places to be residing than on or near the River Thames, which may explain why demand for waterside living is so strong and house prices so high.

The riverside property buzz is no longer centred in West London, but there is no doubt that this is where some of the capital’s most attractive properties are located.

The annual Oxford v Cambridge University rowing contest, which takes place on Saturday24th March, puts some of these stunning properties in the spotlight, but just how much are they worth?

Fresh research by online estate agents has found that the average price of a property along this stretch of the River Thames is now worth just over £1.2 million.

The 6.8km course starts at Putney Bridge, and then winds its way past Fulham, Hammersmith, Chiswick, Barnes and finishes just before the Chiswick Bridge at Mortlake.

The average property price rise over the past decade in these six areas is just shy of £380,000, which works out at an annual increase of £37,906 since 2008.

Leafy Barnes is the most expensive place to buy property, with an average home costing £1.65 million, thanks to the £506,508 average rise in the past 10 years.

Despite the high cost of property, average property prices in Putney Bridge, Fulham and Mortlake have actually dropped over the past 12 months due to the sluggish nature of London’s property market.

Barnes has bucked that trend with impressive growth of 7.2% since the last Boat Race was held 12 months ago.

The following table shows the main locations along the Boat Race route, the average property prices in those locations and average price increases over the past 10 years.

Boat Race locations Average Value – 2017 (£) Current average value – 2018 (£) Avg. price increase in past 10 years (£)
Putney Bridge £1,163,727 £1,124,336 £331,212
Fulham £1,284,318 £1,246,510 £361,783
Hammersmith £1,026,675 £1,041,402 £366,455
Chiswick £1,118,804 £1,131,982 £385,251
Barnes £1,534,862 £1,645,810 £506,508
Mortlake £1,112,438 £1,082,882 £323,177