Bad neighbours can significantly lower the value of your home

The difference between having a good neighbour and a bad neighbour is worth more than £37,000 to the average British householder, new research suggests.

Everyone needs good neighbours – but unfortunately not everyone has them.

The wrong kind of neighbours could knock tens of thousands of pounds off the value of your home, a survey warns.

According to the fresh research, a bad or nuisance neighbour could bring the value of the house next door down by £17,321, or 8.2%, based on the price of an average house.

Some 92% of estate agents surveyed said that having a bad neighbour has a serious negative impact on the value of the homes around them and what potential purchasers are prepared to pay.

By contrast, the experts questioned by Privilege Home Insurance assessed that a good neighbour next door positively affects the value of your house by 9.4%, adding £19,856 to the average property in the UK.

This means the difference between having a good neighbour and a bad neighbour is worth £37,177 to the average British householder.

In London, where the average house costs £472,163, having a bad neighbour instead of a good one could therefore affect sellers to the tune of just over £83,100.

Broken or boarded up windows are the worst thing the house next door can have – thought to slash almost £23,000 off the average house at current market value. This is followed by an unsightly extension and having rubbish or junk in the driveway or front garden.

Maintenance Issue                                       -% Effect on Value   Effect of value of ave. house

Broken or boarded up windows                                10.7%                           -£22,602

Unsightly or imposing extensions and DIY                7.0%                            -£14,786

Rubbish or Junk in the driveway/front garden          6.1%                            -£12,885

Run down vehicles in the front drive                          5.4%                            -£11,406

Garish/unsightly coloured external buildings/fix     4.8%                            -£10,139

Building work                                                                4.7%                            -£9,928

Overgrown Garden                                                      4.4%                            -£9,294

Rotting or chipped window or door frames              4.2%                            -£8,872

Overflowing gutters                                                      3.6%                            -£7,604

Dirty brickwork or property frontage                           3.5%                            -£7,393

The study also revealed that the worst neighbours are most likely to be a family living in London, where the parents are in their 40s and are unemployed. They are most likely to drive a Volkswagen and own a dog.

The best neighbours live in Plymouth, are retired 60 plus singletons who do not have a pet. They are most likely to drive a Nissan.

There are several reasons why people are unhappy or have argued with their neighbours, with noise the biggest issue.

Rank   Bad Neighbourly Behaviour                                   Percentage

1           They’re noisy                                                               23.7%

2          They’re unfriendly                                                        18.9%

3          They have an untidy / overgrown garden                17.3%

4          They’re rude                                                                 17.2%

5          They have a loud dog                                                 15.4%

6          They park across my drive                                          15.2%

7          They keep me awake at night                                    15.1%

8          They have loud arguments                                         14.1%

9          They hold loud parties                                                 13.7%

10        They do DIY or housework at anti-social hours         13.6%

This study ultimately shows that a poorly kept home can affect not just the value of your own property, but the value of those around you too.

Bad Neighbours by Region

City                 % with bad neighbours

London              54%

Newcastle         52%

Birmingham      50%

Cardiff                49%

Manchester       47%

Glasgow            47%

Liverpool            45%

Edinburgh          45%

Belfast                44%

Sheffield             43%

Southampton    38%

Norwich             37%

Nottingham       34%

Leeds                  34%

Brighton             33%

Bristol                 32%

Plymouth            28%