How to switch your energy supplier made simple

An overview of the gas and electricity switching process

Switching your gas and electricity supplier is quick and easy and at no point will you be without gas and electricity in your home. The process is simple. You apply to switch and we and the energy suppliers then organize the entire process for you. Here is an overview of the switching process:

  1. Compare every gas and electricity supplier available

Use our energy price comparison service to compare every gas and electricity supplier and also see the savings available by switching.

  1. Apply to switch to your chosen supplier

From the results page, click on the ‘Switch’ button to apply for your chosen tariff. You will need to enter a few bits of information that the supplier needs, such as your address and if paying by Direct Debit, your bank details.

  1. Wait to hear from your new supplier

Your chosen new energy supplier will contact you to confirm your request to switch. They will then liaise with your current supplier to action the switching process.

  1. Switch to new supplier complete

The switching process takes about 4 to 6 weeks, during which time the suppliers may contact you for meter readings.

No disruptions and no work required to your home

When you switch supplier, nothing at your home changes. There are no new cables or pipes that need to be installed. Your electricity comes down the same wires and your gas comes down the same pipes. You will not be disconnected at any time as part of the switching process. The only change is the company that sends you the bill and the amount that you are charged.

Compare all energy suppliers and tariffs

When you compare gas and electricity suppliers, you need to make sure that you compare every energy tariff in order to get the best deal. We show every supplier and every tariff that is available, regardless of whether we can handle the switch for you. This means that you are able to make a fully informed decision when choosing a new energy tariff.

Beware gas and electricity agents who are not whole of market

Generally speaking, people who call at your door to discuss your energy, or the agents that you see in shopping centers and supermarkets are normally agents for a single energy supplier. This means that they can normally only give you prices from that one supplier only. They may be able to save you money compared to your current tariff, but you may find that you can make far greater savings when you compare every gas and electricity tariff available.

If you are approached by an agent, make sure that you check out their claims before you sign anything. It takes just five minutes to do an online gas and electricity price comparison, but it could save you hundreds of pounds a year. Also, if you are called on the telephone by an agent or energy company, be careful what you agree to. Energy companies are able to switch you over to them if you agree on the phone. They don’t need a signature, so you need to ensure that you do not agree to anything that you did not mean to.

Apply to switch online for the best deals

The best gas and electricity deals are available online. The rise in popularity of gas and electricity price comparison services means that for suppliers to win business, they need to have the cheapest tariff available. Because we show every tariff available, the suppliers have launched tariffs that are designed to be at the top of the results. These tariffs are often only available to customers who switch online and are not always available to customers who switch by phone or face to face with agents. Therefore, make sure you use our online price comparison service to check for the cheapest deal.

How to choose the best energy deal

No matter which supplier you choose, how you decide to pay and how you get your bills, the gas and electricity that comes into your home is the same. However, in order to pay as little as possible for it, there are several steps you can take.

First of all, you need to ensure that you use a site such as this one, which compares every energy supplier and every gas, electricity and dual fuel tariff.

Secondly, you need to select the options that suppliers give discounts for if you choose them. Generally speaking, suppliers will offer discounts for people paying by Direct Debit, taking both gas and electricity (dual fuel) and online billing, which is where you get your bills either by email or via the web:

Cheapest energy tariff = online billing + Direct Debit + dual fuel

Regularly compare energy prices

We would recommend that consumers carry out a five minute gas and electricity price comparison every 6 to 9 months, to ensure that they are still on the best tariff for them. A few minutes work a couple of times a year can often be rewarded with significant savings on your gas and electricity bills.