A quick look at the most popular UK coastal towns

Have you always enjoyed the taste of salt water in the air? Perhaps the sea provides a sense of peace and tranquillity that is impossible to achieve within a more urban environment. Whether you are planning a retirement in the near future or you have simply been looking for a change of pace, relocating to a coastal town could be an excellent idea. What are some of the most popular venues and what do they have in store? The information below should come in quite handy.


Nestled within Devon, the town of Salcombe is primarily known for its pristine beaches. In fact, many stretches of sand to be found here appear as if they are more appropriate within Mediterranean settings. Some of the most popular beaches include Sunny Cove and North Sands. Thankfully, the weather here tends to be quite amenable throughout the year. These are some of the reasons why Salcombe has always been considered to represent one of the most attractive coastal towns within the United Kingdom. With a population of just under 2,000 residents, a bit of peace and quiet is likewise within reach.


This Dorset village boasts a host of attractions and due to relatively shallow nearby waters, it has become popular for those who have been searching for a comfortable retirement spot. Weymouth is likewise famous for its picturesque promenade and architecture that dates as far back as the 15th century. It is therefore clear to see why Weymouth won the TripAdvisor Traveller’s Choice Award in 2017 as offering the best beaches in the United Kingdom.

St. Ives

One of the issues with some seaside community is the unfortunate fact that they can be prone to harsh weather during the autumn and winter. The good news is that St. Ives will help you to avoid such situations thanks to its location within the southern portion of the country. Many individuals have actually compared St. Ives to other well-known holiday destinations such as Ibiza due to its popularity during the summer months. This could represent an excellent choice if you are keen to partake in its bustling nightlife or if you are averse to colder weather conditions.


Perhaps you are more interested in a rugged sense of nature. If so, the beauty associated with Bamburgh should never be passed by. Should you enjoy a bit of history, there is perhaps no better option than Bamburgh Castle. Not only is this fortress one of the most well-preserved historic structures within the United Kingdom, but tours are available upon request. Be sure to check out the official website if you wish to learn more. This Northumberland community is also rather isolated when compared to the previously mentioned seaside towns, so it represents the perfect holiday destination if you are not yet fully committed to purchasing a property here.


This Norfolk seaside town is famed for its seafood as well as its iconic views of the coastline. Tracing its roots back to the Victorian Era, Cromer was one of the preferred holiday destinations of the royal family. Unsurprisingly, this very same appeal continues into the present day. Its Pavilion Theatre is actually the last extant seaside entertainment venue, so this location is certainly not to be missed. A wide selection of restaurants, cafes and bars further compliment all that Cromer has to offer.

Please note that this is only a brief list of some of the most popular seaside towns to be experienced throughout the United Kingdom. Feel free to perform additional research if you would like to learn more about what these stunning locations have to offer.