Small Holdings: How to enjoy the good life

Believe it or not, current studies suggest that there are more than smallholding properties throughout the world and these are thought to support as many as two billion people.  It therefore stands to reason that the number of smallholdings within the United Kingdom is on the rise. 

It is still important to point out that this type of property will have to meet certain criteria in order to be considered a smallholding.  The most common reference is that the land should be no larger than 50 hectares in size and that the land itself is found adjacent to nearby stables or living quarters.  Assuming that you own such a property, how can you live the good life while still reaping all of the benefits that a smallholding has to offer?

Rural Locations with an Urban Flavour

One misconception associated with those who own a smallholding is that they enjoy “living it rough”.  On the contrary, many are individuals who lead urban lifestyles and simply wish to enjoy a change of pace from time to time.  This is why one of the most predominant trends is to equip the property with modern amenities such as wireless Internet, access to mains electricity and modern fixtures.  Of course, these modern marvels can always be present alongside more traditional settings such as a pig pen or a horse stable (depending upon your desires).  The main takeaway point is to craft your smallholding around your personal tastes. 

Off of the Grid

A growing number of individuals are choosing smallholdings due to the simple fact that they are provided with the ability to live at least somewhat off of the grid.  Some common elements which are often present include:

  • Solar cells to create an independent source of power.
  • Ground-sourced heating solutions.
  • Water reclamation and purification systems.

These and other mechanisms will enable you to save a substantial amount of money in the long run; particularly if the costs associated with mains utilities are prohibitively high.  Be sure to check out what options are available. 

Smallholdings as a Business Opportunity

Let’s make no mistake about it.  Smallholdings can also represent excellent opportunities for those who wish to enjoy life while still enjoy a lucrative side hustle.  A growing number of these properties are being converted into boutique bed-and-breakfast establishments due to their decidedly rural appeal.  Another massive market to consider involves organic fruits, vegetables and meats.  Modern consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the dangers associated with processed foods, so the demand for organics is certainly on the rise.  In fact, it is estimated that the United Kingdom is currently home to the third-largest organic food market on the planet.  This represents an amazing opportunity if you happen to possess even a novice “green thumb”.

All About Your Personal Tastes and Capabilities

To be very clear, it can be rather expensive to maintain a smallholding; especially if you own an additional property.  This is why it is important to carefully consider such a venture as well as to determine what plots are available.

Above all, owning a smallholding involves a certain level of commitment.  It is still a fact that the rewards can be truly amazing if you are willing to put in the effort.  As always, please feel free to refer back to this article in the future as well as to regularly follow our blog posts for even more relevant advice in these changing times.