How to maximise the existing space within your home

Not all of us are blessed with massive living spaces. In fact, you might be forced to negotiate with a decidedly confined home environment. Whether this arises from the dimensions in question or simply due to an accumulation of odds and ends over the years, there are always ways in which you can maximise even the smallest spaces. Let’s take a quick look at some professional suggestions that are much easier to implement than you might think.

Less is More

Minimalism has always been popular within homes, and for good reason. The basic principle behind this design approach involves the notion that fewer accessories (such as furniture and appliances) will enable you to accentuate the nearby environment. This is why it is a good idea to take a step back in order to objectively determine whether or not all of the creature comforts in your home serve a truly functional purpose. If not, it could be wise to remove larger and bulkier items. You will be utterly amazed to see how much of a difference this simple action can make.

Adopt the Proper Storage Solutions

Organisation is one of the most common concepts which needs to be addressed. After all, there are many ways to store different items. It is therefore wise to think outside of the proverbial box. As opposed to relying upon traditional solutions such as a series of floor-standing cabinets, why not instead opt for shelves that can be easily hung within a closet or utility room?

If you are concerned about the space within a garage, it is wise to research techniques that involve the use of shelving systems that can be fitted around the upper framework of the door. Freeing up additional garage space is much easier than you think if the right approaches are adopted.

Up, Up and Away

Is an unfinished attic or loft present within your home? Why allow this valuable storage space to go to waste. The good news is that there are several modifications that can be made without the need for planning permission. Attics can be converted into ample storage areas while lofts will often be employed to house seasonal items (such as Christmas decorations) until they are required. Let’s also not fail to mention that an efficient loft or attic can represent an ideal solution if you require office space within your home.

Consider a Boot Sale

It is sometimes difficult to part with items that have remained within our homes for extended periods of time. Still, take a bit of time to evaluate just how many of these objects will actually serve a purpose in the future. Here are some common examples:

  • Old record players and stereo systems.
  • Bags of Children’s clothes.
  • Hardware and gardening equipment that has not been used for years.
  • Old books, VHS tapes and similarly outdated memorabilia

Not only can you liberate yourself from these and other items through the use of a standard boot sale, but this is a great way to enjoy a bit of extra liquidity.

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Maximising the amount of space within your home will likewise depend upon how each room is perceived. Mirrors can be utilised to accentuate the amount of ambient light present as well as to provide the illusion of additional space. Try to place them in such a way as to allow them to reflect any outside light that may be present. This is even more relevant when addressing smaller areas such as bathrooms and bedrooms.

Be sure to keep these suggestions in mind, as you will be able to transform the entire ambience of your home in no time at all.