Balconies on budget: From dull and drab to sleek and stylish

One of the issues that we often associate with flats is their decidedly limited amount of space. However, you may be one of the lucky few who possesses a flat with a balcony. Not only are balconies excellent in terms of embracing the outside environment, but they can be accentuated in order to suit your unique requirements with a handful of simple suggestions. Let’s take a look at some cost-effective tips and tricks to embrace if you are hoping to transform your balcony into a functional work of art.

Creature Comforts

Of what use is a balcony if it does not provide a modicum of comfort? One of the easiest ways to transform this outdoor environment is to purchase a few pieces of furniture. Wicker tends to be an excellent option to consider. This wood is lightweight, durable and able to withstand the elements over the years. Wicker furniture is also a great idea if you plan on entertaining guests in the near future or should you simply wish to sit back and soak up the sun.

A Fresh Coat of Paint

You will be amazed at what a difference a few coats of exterior paint will provide. It is wise to try and match the colour of this paint to nearby elements such as floor tiles or railings, as this will help to tie the entire balcony together. You may even want to embrace a sense of creativity through the use of bespoke finishes such as faux patterns in order to achieve the illusion of three-dimensional depth.

Green is Good

It is an undeniable fact that any balcony will benefit from a bit of greenery. The addition of plants and flowers will provide this atmosphere with a sense of vibrancy and furthermore, greenery is an excellent way to break up what might otherwise appear to be a rather drab location. Choose the plants in question based upon how much sun your balcony receives as well as their maintenance requirements. Having said this, here are some professional suggestions to consider:

  • Marigolds
  • Begonias
  • Aloe vera
  • Ivy (if a trellis happens to be present)
  • Daisies
  • Mint

When in doubt, it could be a good idea to speak with a professional gardening expert in order to appreciate more options at your disposal.

Outdoor Rugs

Many balconies can become quite hot in the summer and intolerably cold during the autumn and winter. If you are concerned about the current levels of comfort, an outdoor throw rug is a wise recommendation to embrace. These rugs are highly durable and easy to clean, so maintenance concerns will be kept to a minimum. Furthermore, the presence of one or more rugs will help to provide your balcony with an inviting flavour; ideal when accommodating the needs of friends or family members.

Make the Most Out of Your Wall Space

Why let your balcony walls go to waste? These areas can be excellent in terms of shelving and storage. Walls can be utilised for planters, pictures, mirrors and even sconce lighting solutions. This is an even better idea if you happen to be dealing with a smaller balcony, as you always want to make the most out of any existing space.

Let There be Light

Lighting is perhaps one of the most important ways in which you can transform an existing balcony. This is why it is rather ironic that this concern is often overlooked. Many flat owners believe that they will require the expertise of an electrician to install such fixtures. The good news is that many lights are now powered by batteries and some even offer wireless connectivity. If you are looking to save even more money, purchase fixtures equipped with LED bulbs. These bulbs generate much less heat, require a minimal amount of power and will last for years at a time. LED lighting fixtures are available in a kaleidoscope of colours, so your balcony will be imbued with a scintillating personality in no time at all.

Hanging Around

Unless you happen to reside within a penthouse, the fact of the matter is that the vast majority of flats have a limited amount of floor space. However, this is no reason why you should be forced to skimp on furniture. Consider hanging configurations such as swings or hammocks. Not only can you maximise the amount of available space, but these variants can be easily taken down if you plan on hosting guests for the evening.

Privacy Concerns

Many flats found within metropolitan areas are associated with privacy concerns. In order to avoid prying eyes, it could be a good idea to purchase a retractable awning. This will offer you a sense of isolation and this awning can also be retracted in order to provide your balcony with sunlight during the warmer months of the year. Outdoor curtains or blinds can also be excellent alternatives to consider.

On a final note, keep in mind that these are only a handful of unique recommendations to keep in mind. You can also opt for folding furniture, create a dedicated location for cocktails or even include a large recliner if you happen to live alone. Let’s also keep in mind that unlike many other renovation projections, you will not require any type of planning permission to begin. Of course, consult with your landlord if you happen to be renting the flat.

Please feel free to refer back to the suggestions and tips mentioned above for a bit more inspiration during the project itself and never be afraid to consult with a professional for even more targeted solutions when the time is right.